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The Most Dangerous Game

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The Most Dangerous Game

My favorite character in all the stories that we read was General Zarroff.

He had a since of humor and was very smart. He didn’t care about anything but the game. That

is what made him so strong and unbeatable. The story shocked me when it said that General

Zarroff was going to hunt Rainsford. The shock is what makes me like him so much.

The best thing about General Zarroff’s character is that he is so mysterious.

You never know what he is going to say, do, or who he is going to kill. You could be having

drinks with him one day and the next day he would be chasing you with a pistol. I love how

Zarroff smokes Cuban cigars and drinks whiskey. It brings out the dirtiness in him.

The way General Zarroff hunts amazes me. He could track down an bird that

doesn’t even land on the ground. He reminds me of a friend that loves to hunt. Zarroff could

track anything. I can’t believe that General Zarroff didn’t see Rainsford’s very

good traps, they were kinda obvious.

My favorite thing about General Zarroff is that he is very cunning and swift. He

could make you do anything. I think the best thing he said in the story was, If you choose not to

hunt then Ivan will beat you to death a bat. That was very persuasive. I think everyone should

write about Zarroff

Although General

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