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The Schooling System Is Disengaging Students from Creativity and Practical Reasoning

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Brandt Dixon

Crystal Wong

English 104


Letter to a School Official

Dear Principle,

RE: The Schooling System is Disengaging Students from Creativity and Practical Reasoning

You should recognize that as a principal, your responsibilities are many. Similarly, your authority is supreme among all school officials. Notably social problems affect the quality of education. Existing in a society that faces various challenges initiated by social and economic challenges affects education and psychological development. As Denise Pope argues, a most unfortunate issue is that people take little notice of the problems affecting children. Your tasks are difficult and challenge you to think and define strategies in accordance with forecasted and professionally advised mannerisms.  Like every other part of society students feel the pain caused by financial problems. Hoy and Michael (132), presents that learning environments require strict observation of students emotional needs. Arguably, productive learning can only be achieved when emotional balance exists. A student`s learning environment should be modified to rid participants of the emotional problems in society. The prime purpose or objective of an education system is to help students get rid of psychological stress and to have such perspective about education that reveals benefits of learning purposed to develop wisdom. America`s education system requires extreme review.

As Denise Pope notes, the reward-based system does not seem to inspire positivity, but rather cause students to work against the spirit of teamwork. School heads should review the curriculum to address matters of much necessary intrinsic motivation. The education system should be revised so that students are not motivated by consequence and reward. As the principal, your effort of inspiring new approach to learning processes would be greatly appreciated.  Students need to focus their wits on achieving success for the greater good because that would allow them anonymity and build confidence in free will as a driver of decision making.

Status of Events

A scholar by the name Kohn reveals that America`s current education system looks at learning as forcible through coercion and reward-based motivation. Therefore, it has instigated psychological pressure and put extreme pressure on learners. The feeling of helplessness and lack of autonomy in decision-making causes students to view education as a task or challenge, which holds much impact on individual success but does not engage the person in the exercise itself. It is worth noting that, schooling causes pain and denies students freedom to influence result through strategy input. Due to hopelessness, multiple cases of suicide occur. Hoy and Michael (132), notes that students are depressed and affected adversely by the education. Schooling is a challenge and barrier to harmonious coexistence of students. Therefore, students are willing to engage in any activity that seems to improve their chances of success. At this point, you are facing problems instigated by social dispute due to extreme competitiveness. Students adapt antisocial behavior, become aggressive, develop eating disorder, and engage in academic cheating. This is a cause of students inhibiting harmful and unexplained behaviors. Kohn argues that prominent structures in schooling mislead school heads to approach such matters in a further failing manner. Looking at social problems as requiring reward and punitive measures means that principles develop a strategy that only causes further damage to education as a process and causes students to grow into poor decision makers.

Consequences of Current Structure

According to Kohn, competition leads students to develop a reasoning that they can only succeed when rival characters fail. Therefore, upholding extreme competition practice would make you appear to inspire the development of antisocial behavior. Focus is shifted from agenda driven learning to a desperate pursuit of personal attainment. Students become self-centered and lose touch of social issues. Team spirit fades adversely as learners adapt an attitude of every man for himself. Institutionalized competition causes learners to detach from the systematic achievement of set goals to finding comfort in poor choices. Pope concludes that, continued disengagement forces further review of goals and personal objectives so that students lose their sense of creativity and rely on the establishment of systems. At this point, schooling disengaged learners from learning in that it challenges them to find comfort beating targets and fails to address objective approach to education. Pope argues that the structural arrangement within which schooling is grounded seems to support such problematic events. You should develop a program that rewards students on basis of psychosocial development of skills. According to Kohn, decision-making is not viewed as an important part of learning, but as a facilitator of academic result. Therefore, education at the primary level of inspiring attitude change and assisting students become team players intelligent decision maker’s fails. Learners grow into midlevel managers who must rely on installed management structures.

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