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The Spoken English for Finals

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crime and punishment:"how do you determine right and wrong"

Kant once said that there are two things in the world that are worthy of awe. One is the splendid starry sky above us, and the other is the moral and law in our far as i am concerned,moral and law are the most powerful tools to determine right and wrong.

for moral, ever since i was a child, at home, my parents educated me to be a good man.they told me to be honest, to share good things with people, to help others in need.when i came to study in school, my teachers tought me to respect others, to abey the school discipline.the lessons came from family and school,parents and teachers turned out to be morality which helps me to distinguish between right and wrong. actually, moraility is a internal force that help people to regulate their behavior,it's also relevant to Freud's theory of the superego ,it is the moral that make human nobler than animals and come first to prevent people from doing evil things.

Morality is flexible, but the law is mandatory. When morality is not enough to prevent people from doing bad things, the disciplinary function of the law comes forward, For criminals who have committed different crimes, the law imposes fines, deprivation of political rights, imprisonment, life imprisonment and even death penalty..The law protects the righteous ones and punishes criminals. so the law is also a tool for people to judge right and wrong.

allin allIn general, law and morality are the most powerful ways to judge right or wrong in my heart. We should cultivate moral awareness and legal awareness and be qualified citizens.



holiday:what is the meaning of life

the meaning of life for me is about rights and obligations. as far as i am still alive,i have the rights to persue what i want and the obigations to take my own responsibilities.let me divide those the rights and obligations into several parts according to the different stages of life

.the first part,during the past 19 years of my life, i was a student ,and in the next several years, i will also be a student in school. as far as i am concerned, during these school days,I have the rights to learn my favorite major, to develop my own hobbies, to become what i want to be.i have the obligations to become a excellent student, to study hard,not to cheat into exams.

in the second part,when i leave school and get my own job. i have the rights to pursue a further development, to do perfectly with my own talents.i have the obligation to contribute to the company which i work for,to take all my responsibilies.


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