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The Storm by Kate Chopin

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“The Storm” by Kate Chopin, is about a married woman who commits adultery without lamentation. Chopin’s purpose is to put across her feminist point of view; if a man is allowed to have a mistress, a woman should be allowed to have a lover as well. This paper will discuss how the elements of style and structure that helped Chopin put across her purpose. This includes the order of the subject matter, the role of the author, the atmosphere, the use of the senses, and the use of comparisons.

The order of the subject matter is strictly chronological. She begins by explaining how Calixta, the main character was left home alone. Her husband Bobinot, and son Bibi were caught in a rainstorm during their shopping and stayed in a store until the storm past. Then Chopin describes how the affair is initiated. Alcee, Calixta’s soon to be lover, happens to pass by and asks Calixta for shelter from the storm. Calixta allows him to enter her home, inviting passionate memories with Alcee. Chopin moves on to describe the hot, sensual sex. Alcee begins to describe Calixta’s features. As the passion and romance keeps on going the storm outside doesn’t weaken. Later, when the sun peaks through the cloudy sky, their very intense and passionate love affair comes to an end. She says goodbye to her lover and awaits the return of her husband and son. At the end Bobinot and Bibi return to a very happy and loving Calixta and Alcee writes a loving letter to his wife, as if nothing ever happened in that stormy night (1,8).

The role of the author is as the third person narrator. She puts across her feminist point of view. Having Calixta’s husband and son practically trapped in a store, gives her the opportunity to do her duties as a married woman. Calixta’s willingness for a sexual affair helps us understand Chopin’s feminist ideology. She is very detailed and raw when describing the sex between Calixta and Alcee. Chopin describes the sex as normal and accepted, even if the characters are committing adultery. Their actions were nothing out of the ordinary, just passionate love. It was as simple as that, love. At the end Calixta laughs out loud as her lover rides off, letting us know that she is happy and sees nothing wrong with what had just occurred (29).

The atmosphere is hot and passionate. The essay’s hot atmosphere takes place when the main character, Calixta, has a passionate and sensual sex affair with Alcee. Even though this affair is frowned upon and the weather was not sunny and warm, the atmosphere was hot. The thunder and the raindrops made the two lovers drowsy, but they didn’t think of ending it. The atmosphere helps Chopin show how passionate a woman can be, not only to her husband but to her lover as well (28).

Chopin used the physical senses to get her point across. She uses primarily the sense of touch and sight and sound to describe Calixta and her passionate affair. For example, Calixta was a

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