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The Wife of Bath

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The Wife of Bath

The Wife of Bath is acclaimed to be one of Chaucer’s most intriguing characters. She achieved much of her reputation from the depth of her area under discussion, luring curious minds into her story and the greater meaning of it all. Chaucer, even as a man, was successful in representing a relatively fair feminist view of the medieval female's plight by employing humor, historical perspective, and individual expression. The text of the Wife of Bath’s Prologue is based in the medieval genre of allegorical “confession”. This genre of writing, expresses morals or sins in a story, to the reader, through a life story such as the Wife of Bath’s, which she proclaims to be an expert on marriage, because of her extensive experiences with her previous five husbands. Explaining all that she has done to her previous five husbands, using her beauty and eloquence to dominate them. The wife

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