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To Kill a Mockingbird

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Atticus Finch is a devoted parent in harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” novel. This is demonstrated by how finch leads by example, teaches tolerance to his children and shows his children what a respectful man looks like. Mr. Finch’s way of teaching is not always direct instead he likes to teach them through his own actions. Although Finch is assigned Tom Robinson case, Finch does his utmost to give Tom the best defense possible. He teaches his children to respect their elders, even if the elderly people are cranky and sometimes mean such as mrs. DuBose.

The first way finch is displayed as a devoted parent is the way he leads by example. Finch states on page 100 “ if i didn't i couldn’t hold up my head in town, i couldn't represent this county in the legislature, i couldn’t even tell you or Jem not to do something again.” finch takes the case despite the fact that it could hurt his family. He explains to scout the importance of him taking this case be Finch wants to be a good role model. In addition, finch leads by example when he doesn’t fight mr. Ewell back after he spat in his face. This shows that by choosing not to raise his voice or hand in anger, he demonstrates that there is strength in refraining from violence. This also shows that Finch doesn't fight back because he once told scout and Jem not to fight, so he would like to listen to his own advice and lead by example. Furthermore, Atticus said to Mr. Tate on page 366, “ If this thing’s hushed up it’ll be a simple denial to Jem of the way I’ve tried to raise him.” This shows that the minute Finch thinks that Jem had killed Mr. Ewell he is willing to do everything right, even if it means telling everyone about it. This also shows that he tries to teach Jem not to compromise his morals and stick with what he believes in. In conclusion, leading by example is one of the ways in which Atticus Finch is a devoted parent.

Additionally, another way in which Mr. Finch is displayed as a devoted parent his how he teaches his children tolerance. For example, color does not matter to Mr. Finch, and he tries to instill this in Scout and Jem. This shows that Finch took the Tom Robinson case to prove that color does not matter. This also shows that despite the effort and time Finch put into trying to prove Tom not guilty, he was still evicted, this shows how bad racism is and why Finch doesn't want his children growing up like that. In addition, finch also teaches them to respect their elders, even if the elderly people are cranky and sometimes mean,( like Mr. DuBose).when Jem disrespects Mrs. DuBose by ripping up her flowers, even though he was angry because she insulted atticus, Jem was forced to read to her. This also shows that by being forced to spend time with her, Jem learned to respect a woman in pain. Furthermore on page 39, finch tells scout: “ You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view - until you climb into his skin and walk around in. when Walter cunningham was at lunch with the finch family and pours syrup on his food and Scout makes fun of him, Finch makes sure she learns not to judge others. When the children are being busybodies about Arthur

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