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Uncle Tom’s Cabin

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Gina WangYulin

6th June 2017

Western Culture

Ms. Marina

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Recently, I was deeply moved by an anti-slavery novel called Uncle Tom’s Cabin, written by an American author Harriet Beecher Stowe. In this book, characters are of different attitudes and personalities. Honest, kind-hearted, religious uncle Tom, bold and crafty, smart studious Mestizo slave George; Hailey mercenary, indifferent slavers. They all left a deep impression on me. But what makes me most unforgettable is the clever, vivacious, but wild, and then self disciplined, lover, slave girl, called Topsi.

She loved to steal, stealing after lie, put an innocent expression. She would like to take advantage of the master, crazy hours when their homes out of order. Although Her master tried every means to punish her, educate her, and try to change her bad habits, she failed, it was only because there was no love.

The lovely child has been slavery through all her life. All she belongs to is their master who is the so-called master of her fate. Imagine this, she was growing in such an environment of beating and beating, and developed bad habit of lying and stealing and defiled her beautiful and pure soul. Only pure, beautiful, selfless love can save her heart! When the angel Eva expressed her love of her, Tom eyes are covered with tears, her heart has been a ray of sunshine of love. Certainly, after that, she changed completely and start to care for others. This is the unbelievable power of love!

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