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What Makes a Good Teacher?

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What makes a good teacher?

          Now it is a decade of great opportunities. If we want to discover something, we just simply search it in the internet. Tons of varies educational programs, applications that can be installed even on your phone or laptop. Nowadays, there are a lot of opinions upon definition ‘a good teacher’. But appears a false belief about needlessness of teachers. Personally I think that the main point is not to easily get the needed information but to be encouraged to learn the given topic more. That is exactly what a good teachers do. They say: “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”. I agree with that. Teaching is much more than just bare facts concerning some topic. So, let us figure out what makes a good teacher?

         Firstly, a good tutor who wants to teach something others surely must be adept at ones affair. Teacher may not know everything in the world but it is a great importance to be aware of your subject. Besides, if a teacher does not know how to answer on learner’s question he or she can suggest to find the answer together. In addition, it is a good opportunity to show your interest in self-improvement and broadening your knowledge. Also enthusing pupils not to stay still too.

         Secondly, it is an extraordinary clarity of communication. One of the most essential gifts of a good teacher is to make some difficult, at first glance, theme clear and simple. Also, readiness to explain the material as much as required with ceaseless selflessness intrinsic to a true tutor.

         Equally important for a scholar is to be flexible in every aspect of teaching. Flexibility of the voice and profile are included here as well. Working with people is always an unpredictable thing. Every teacher must be ready to react fast and has an ability to adjust to a new conditions of working. To adapt lesson when necessary thus you preempt problems in the future with understanding a subject.  

          Another important feature is to teach more than just language. To have a unique ability to mix in an always fresh and eye-opening way the stuff of lesson with the stuff of life. To know language is good but in order to understand foreigners and penetrate into their mentality we should discover more about their culture, traditions, superstitions or beliefs. A thorough knowledge of all these aspects shows to us the bigger picture of how foreigners differ from us and what things are similar. Also a good teacher must give basic knowledge in attached to his subjects sciences. For example, if it is language then connected sciences to it are psychology, history, arts, ethics and so on.

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