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Who to Trust

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Careful to who to trust

“ Make sure everybody on a boat is rowing and not drilling holes when you are not looking.” Meaning, you may never know what’s going on in someone’s mind, or what’s going on in someone’s mind, or what they are hiding. In other words, trusting from the wrong friend can lead the person to the dark side, they are in the end not worth it.

I learned this in the past, I trusted a fake friend; it was the biggest mistake I have made in my life. To begin with, I had a dark side in my past, with my childhood friend experienced a regret which the time I spended with her most of the time when I should have not. My childhood friend is Julie. She meant everything to me but in end I was wrong.

Here the story of what happened that ended our friendship: I wake to the sound of my very loud, annoying, alarm clock. Instead of rolling out of the bed when I should have but due to my laziness I slowly move my arm and hit the snooze on my alarm clock. I notice something that their were bruises, roughly the size of a fist, as if I been infected with a deadly disease that create giant purple bruises. I right away rolled out of bed and rushed to the bathroom. As soon as I entered the bathroom, the smell hit me. It was sickening and I couldn't help but gag. The decaying scent choked the air. I took a ragged breath through my mouth, trying to spot the source of the smell. The smell came from a undigested food vomit. I kept asking myself ? What happened did I hurt myself ? What made me throw up in the bathroom toilet? I don't remember anything that happened last night. I decide to head to Julie house because I tell her everything, she might know what happen to my arm. As I run to the front door my shoe slipped out. I lock the front door. My eyes noticed something shining on the ground. When I grab it, I couldn't believe it. I happened to have Julie phone on my hand. What the hell is Julie phone doing in my front yard.

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