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Why Sex Ed Shoul Not Be Taught in Elementary Schools

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Sabine Noel Chery


Prof.  Heintz, Rebecca



Elementary students should not be taught about sex at this early stage of their life, have them knowing their body parts and their appropriate names will be best for them. And all these should start at home first. I am opposing of sex education in elementary school.

These are the questions I would want to address in my essay.

  1. What is sex education?

2- How important is sex education?

3- Why is it too early for elementary students to know about sex?

4- When can sex education be taught in school?

5- How can you learn about sex education?

6- What are the appropriate content, the right material?

7- What are the relations to body images and sexual images

8- Why sex education should not be taught in elementary school?

9- What are my recommendations?

10- Where in the US sex education is required?

Sabine Noel Chery


Prof: Heintz, Rebecca


  1. Sex education is instruction on issues relating to human sexuality, including relations and responsibilities, sexual activities reproduction, age of consent, etc…
  2. Sex education is very important, because it’s encompasses all the things that make us who we are. Sexuality begins to be significant part of relationships experiences and those relationships need to be healthy and safe, because they are training ground for life as an adult.
  3. Because may educators called on to teach sexual health do not feel prepared to address such diverse and complex issues. If they are not old enough to understand the aspects on sexual activities it might led them into the opposite of what when want to teach them.
  4. “In order to decrease the rate of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, kids should start receiving instructions on sex education on right around 12 years of age,” according to Georgetown University Researchers.
  5. By thinking about the quality and nature of your experience as a kid and youth, you can find it easier to respond to your kids’ questions, and open the opportunities to discuss sexuality issues.
  6. Always make sure books and materials are controlled by governing board of each district school. Libraries must have appropriate materials on their shelves.
  7. Body images in conjunctions with sexual functioning demonstrates that body image concerns influence sexual behavior, attitude, cognitive whereas sexual image.
  8. Because it will do more harm than good, for example, a 7-year learning about sex education will not understand any aspect of it. Throwing too much information about sex education on a child this young will not benefit that child wellbeing on sexual activity. And I think learning about identity, and sexual education should start first at home.
  9. I think it should start first at home, while parents are responsible to teach their kids about their body parts. Make sure they know and understand the correct names of their body parts. They should not be lied to, do not use toys or other instruments to tell them of their bodies.
  10.  New York, Oregon, and Maine require sex education as a requirement for graduation. Whereas, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas do not require sex education. The states that require sex education tend to have the lowest rate of teen pregnancies

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