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Wife of Martin Guerre

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Throughout my travels I had always been mistaken for Martin Guerre, that is how I have come to be here today. He was always spoken about with such respect. A dignified young man, from a well respected peasant family, it was a let down to me that I myself was not a respected man like this Martin. As these occurrences continued to happen I began to wonder about his life, why such a well respected man could leave his wife and son behind, I had been told that he had left his family in Artigues for many years, and they were waiting for his return. His father had past on, and the farm was now waiting for their master. I had no place to go and thought that if I am mistaken so many times for martin then maybe I could go to his household, my intentions were not to stay even this long, but only enough to collect some gold and silver. Over the last few days I have been drawn to the loving and caring nature of this household. Built on strong foundations I have been welcomed back like a triumphant army from a great war. Praised for returning, as if nothing had happened.. The feast that was prepared was like none that I had seen before, all they would do was listen to the stories of my travels. This family did not about the eight years that had past, without notice or communication, but relief that the family is complete again.

My past has not been one that I have been proud of. I have not been loyal to my family, nor my Kingdom. My family has put a lot of trust in me, but I have let them down, traveling with the wars from town to town. I know it upsets them, and I cannot return to them. I do not want to put some more false hope in their hearts, as I am sure that my past will catch up with me, and again let them down.

I am also not one who has abided by the law in the past, committing crimes of theft from many as I pass by, not two weeks ago had I stolen from a man traveling on the same road as I. But since I have come to this caring and loving family, I have seen what I myself have neglected and betrayed in my home town. Although I have no wife as beautiful as Bertrande, nor children as smart as Sanxi, I had walked out on mine just the same. This family doesn’t want to hurt anymore, too long have they been

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