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Wild Berry Blue by Rivka Galchen

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“Wild Berry Blue” by Rivka Galchen

Loneliness is one of the most pressing problems of modern society. This is not only a complex phenomenon of individual human life, but also an important social phenomenon that requires a deep social and philosophical understanding. The problem of loneliness in a crowd of people or among hundreds of users, albeit linked by common interests is one of the main communication problems. “Wild Berry Blue” raises questions about women's emancipation, new principles of the romantic alliance. The short story ironically plays out the love affair, showing its non-bindingness, and spreads the discussion to the whole action, and how a sense of imperfection affects the ability to build relationships.

The author determines the state of loneliness, including how a person experiences loss of inner integrity, as well as external harmony with the world. It is expressed, for example, in the violation of harmony between the desired and the achieved quality of social communication. The state of loneliness has a number of modalities from its normal manifestation to pathology and can be associated with other and psychiatric symptoms such as anxiety, boredom, emptiness, depression. The drama of ideas is a well-made drama, a discussion, an analytical composition, an open final. On the pages of the novel, the pain of unrequited love is easily interwoven with a brilliant sense of humor and a touch of irony. Reading this story, almost everyone will remember those bitter feelings when we love someone who does not even want to notice us. In the center of the plot is the unrequited love of a woman for a cashier from McDonalds. “She steals glances at him, she tries and fails to make conversation and she plans her week around finding the perfect gift for Roy” (Bruin). She came to love living next door and the author ironically describes the ways in which she tried to seduce him.

Some reviewers prefer to view “Wild Berry Blue” as a sentimental story about the solid strength of true feelings. Their opponents point out

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