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Winston and Women

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To Winston, sex is only the physical act. The party, in an effort to make a more uniform society, attempts to completely remove or warp any form of desire or passion that has been woven into sex. We don’t know for sure if Winston really does feel this way or if it’s only the propaganda that's been pushed down his throat, but he agrees in the sense that Big Brothers actions to take all emotions from sex seems “natural” (page 66). Also according to Winston, women and sex are deeply mended together. Almost any time Winston expresses anger towards females, the idea of wanting to bed them will appear in the following sentences. We see this strongly with both the brown haired girl during the two minutes hate and Katherine when he is reminiscing. Winston has a lot of emotional baggage connected to women, as both his sister, mother, and wife have left him or died. Because of this, he almost loathes the idea that women are able to pick and choose who they want to get close to. The fact that the brown haired girl could even possibly say no to him due to her decision to be in the Youth Anti-Sex League angers him, and then he subsequently begins to vividly dream about tying her naked to a stake and shooting her with arrows along with raping her and slitting her throat at his peak (page 15).

The prettier and more desirable the woman, the

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