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"a Rose for Emily" Character Analysis

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“A Rose for Emily”

In the story “A Rose for Emily”, Emily is the main character. Her character analysis includes what other people thought of her, what she said and did, what the narrator tells us about her, and how the setting reflects her character.

Emily was born into a family of great wealth and rich past. With Emily being highly concealed by her father, she had to live with many restrictions in her life resulting in the alteration of her personality. Yet as a person Emily reacts to her situation in her youth filled years like any child would during this time. Emily was reserved and had the utmost respect as could be seen in this example “So when she got to be thirty and was still single, we were not pleased exactly”. Although this does not state her obedience, it states how her parents were always expecting a lot from her.

Emily had quickly grown into a prestigious lady that her father always wanted her to be. Soon Emily began to look at the world on a different level. To Emily, “ordinary” or “lower class” men were something that she was not used to. After some time Emily reappeared as what the people of the town would say “a girl, with vague resemblance to those angels in colored church windows- sort of tragic and serene.” It is this image that shows the reader that her father’s death was another event that changed her yet again. This time it was into an independent woman with future values.

Emily however would not let the

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