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The 1970’s

To understand the 1970’s a person must understand the history, technology, the fashion, and the culture of that decade.

To understand the 1970’s a person must one, understand the historic events that took place during the decade. One of them was Apollo 17, the last manned craft to the moon, which brought back two-hundred and fifty samples of rock and soil. Also in the 1970’s Apollo 18 and the USSR’s Soyuz 19 linked up in space, to conduct joint experiments. Another major event that was happening in the world was the Vietnam War that continued through until 1972, but it still kept dividing the country even after the Paris peace accords in January 1974, when the Unites States military stopped participating in the war. While in the United States Women minorities and gays increased full legal equality and privileges in society, and women also expanded their involment in politics. In the United States during the 1970’s some of the presidents were, Richard M. Nixon (1969-1974), who resigned because he had impeachment charges on him. After Nixon, it was Gerald ford (1974-1977), next was Jimmy carter (1977-1981).

Another thing a person must understand is the technology at the time. In the beginning of the decade 1970 the floppy-disk first appeared. The next years Intel Corporation introduce the micro processor, the “computer on the chip”. The following year, 1972 the video cassette recorder, “VCR” was introduced and it changed the home entertainment for ever. That same year Atari produced the first low-prized integrated circuit I.V games, a few years later the neutron bomb, which destroys living things but leaves buildings in tact was developed. In medical technology, genes were discovered, and the first test tube baby was born, developed from an artificial inseminated egg implanted in the mother’s womb.

Next a person must also understand the fashion of the decade. Some of these fashions would look a little crazy to us. Like “wet look” boots, stretchy pull up boots, and sometimes you could get “wet look” socks with them. Adidas sneakers, the shoe had a thin sole and three white stripes diagonally on the soles. Another type of shoe is the “Earth shoe”, ergonomically correct shoes in the front, in which the heals were lower than the front. Now pants were a little bit better, “A-hem” skirts, skirts with a slit in the front shaped like an A, there were also “A-smile” jeans, they were the jeans that gave any butt a shape, there slogan had a donkey on the end, and it said, “put A smile on your(A.S.S)”. Also the most important “bell-bottoms”, they had a bell shape at each end of the pants,

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