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A Day in the Life of 9/11

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Imagine the feeling of watching the World trade center fall right in front of your eyes. That's what happened to a million or more people on September 11, 2001.

To some, waking up at around eight in the morning was as normal as one could have it. They turn on the television, to find that something has disturbed their daily routine. At first, an unexplained plane accident. How could something like this happen? A plane crashes into the north side of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, between floors 94 and 98.

To all, a sigh of sadness, that they couldn't believe something like this could happen. Hundreds of people killed, hundreds trapped on floors, crawling on their hands and knees for safety. All those at home watching this notorious building burning just couldn't believe their eyes. Clutching their chests hoping that their loved ones weren't near what had happened. Firemen from all over town were called in. Some were ready to fight this blaze, some a little shaken inside. Every radio and tv stations were tuned in by all, turning it up a bit louder just so they wouldn't miss a thing.

Another plane crashes into the south side of the South Tower, banked between floors 78 and 84. The immediate response was we were under attack! People on the grounds below running, some standing in awe. Scratching their heads wondering what was the cause of such a terrible act. To save themselves from burning alive some jumped out of windows, falling heavily to the ground below.

Those at home, some paced feverishly back and forth waiting to hear from their loved ones. Telephone circuits were busy, no one could get through, even the cell phone towers were dead. Waiting patiently. Some raced back to the tv to see if something else had happened. Sitting so close to the tv as if you were actually touching the burning buildings.

Firemen racing up to the top trying to save

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