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American Literature - All Life Matters

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Josue Bernal

Ms. Phillips

American Literature


All Life Matters

What if something as small as a bean had the potential to grow and become an influential person in our lives? What if someone like Martin Luther King was aborted? He wouldn’t even have the chance to become the person he was meant to be. Just because a life is not fully developed does that make it less of a life? Most of Americans support abortion and it’s legal in all the throughout the United States but, there are other precautions we can turn to to. To begin with, pregnancy prevention can be an alternative or you can put the baby up for adoption. So why kill the embryo if we can start supporting the right choices. All my life I’ve been taught that god has a reason for everyone’s existence in this world and to respect all life no matter how small or how they look.

Many pro abortion supporters say that embryos are not a form of life but, in fact they are. Just because they are small and aren’t fully developed does that make their life less valuable than ours; does that give us the right to talk that life away? Even when we come out the womb we are small and are still developing, but that doesn’t mean our life is less valuable than a full grown adult. Abortion supporters also say it’s the mothers choice and that is correct; but why don’t we start making the right choice? I believe that it is important that the mother has a choice, but that is no excuse for murder. There are other options such as birth control and adoption. We can avoid starting the process of life by being educated on this topic and using birth control methods, or when the fetus is unwanted we can set the baby up for adoption. Once you intentionally have a baby, you should already know the responsibility that comes with it. Also many pro abortion supporters say its right to kill if they get raped. That is the only exception because it wasn’t her choice , but rape is only less than 1% of abortions. We need to think about the majority of abortions, think about the other 99% of abortions which are caused because of unwanted pregnancies. We shouldn’t let women kill a potential life form because of

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