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And Justice for All, Except...

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Humans, as a species, live in large social groups for the survival of their species. We would not be able to preserve our race if we lived alone or in couples. That is why people, as the population grows, need to form larger and larger communities: families, villages, towns, cities, counties, states, countries, federations, or unions. All communities need to have some kind of a hierarchy, since humans are species with countless differences between individuals, and there must be an authorities figure whom everyone fears in some way. In the beginning all the authority was given to gods, now it is given to the law. But the problem with law is that somebody has to write it and carry it out, and those have to be humans.

Laws, which are written to keep order in the community, depend upon the person/people who, in various ways, climbed all the way to the peak of the social pyramid. In liberalism, the laws should liberate the society from limitations of narrow-mindedness, and give them free will and independence from the society. Every individual that lives in a liberal social order should expand his/her tolerance towards other individuals' opinion, appearance, expression, and position in community. The government is here to establish a certain form of community and write a constitution which will protect individuals' liberties.

The constitution has to give each person a right to do whatever thing he/she sees fit, without hurting anyone. What is hurting someone, and are the constitutional rights restricted by some form of religion or tradition? That is for the government to decide, and we have to elect the government. Does the government permit the people to have the benefit of their liberties? Does the government permit all the people to benefit from their liberties? The answer is no. No person in this civilization would be able to be as broadminded as he/she should be for inhabitants to live jointly and share this planet. Even with the best intentions, the government will never be successful in creating a community suitable for everyone. Mankind has always been,

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