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Cold War - Impacted Every Level of American Life

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The USA saw a lost to containment Communist spreading

Support Taiwan and focus on containing Asia

Later called Domino Effect

The Red Scare


Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin

Communist Sympathizer taking over gov’t

Accusations lead to purges and show trials

Un-American behavior

Impacted every level of American Life

Anti-Red Campaign

Fear and suspicion

Enemy within

Liberals and Truman labeled “Comsymps”

Forced Truman to take a hard stance on China

The US lost Asian experts in the purge

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

Accused of being spies and executed

Little to no evidence – 1953

Blamed for giving USSR A-bomb and for Korean War

1995 declassified information they were souse


To what extent was the outbreak of the Korean War due to Cold War tensions?

Why did the Chinese become involved not the Soviets?

What was the impact of the Korean War on the development of the Cold War?

Key concepts

Cause, Significance, Perspective

Division of Korea 1945- 1948

Japan annexed Korea – 1910

What will post war Korea look like?

USSR – warm water port and resources

Soviet troops entered Korea 8/12/1945

Roosevelt “40-year trusteeship” (Tehran Conf)

US military back USSR historical claim

Truman feared soviet expansion (38th Parallel)

US forces in South Korea, USSR in the North

North Korea 1945-1948

Stalin doesn’t pass 38th parallel

USSR gave autonomy to North Korea’s Committee – land/ Food/ Industry

Communist leaders Pak Hon-yang and Kim Il-sung

Rebuild country after Japanese destruction

Land reform ending feudalism

South Korea 1945-1948

USA removed People’s committees

Syngman Rhee – exiled gov’t leader from 1919

Continued colonial subjugation

Rhee – Brutal authoritarian ignores assembly

Kept in power to balance power vacuum

USA new strategy of supporting anti-communist dictators

USA in Japan

Truman wanted out of Japan

$2 billion to rebuild economy

After communist victory in China afrai

Chinese Response

Debate about UN further action

Kim begging Stalin for help

Stalin refuses but requests China to help

CCP not prepared but sends forces

Counter-attack at Yalu River

“Volunteer Army” – 300,000

Surprise attack pushes UN back into South

Technology vs Numbers

MacArthur’s Last Day


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