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Gik Live’s Blue Wine

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Gik Live’s Blue Wine

                                                                   Tochukwu Nnolim (0939421)

                                                             Professor: Tom McKaig

                                                                    Course: Europe Regional

         Course Code: BADM 4160

                                                                       Due Date: Jan 21, 2019

Europe is famously known as a continent that produced wine. With a great history in winemaking, there unique and distinctive drinks are appreciated around the world. Each country has their versatility wine that expresses to their culture and values.  

In 2015, Gik Live, a wine company from Spain, created the first blue wine that not only innovates the appearance of wine but still uses the distinctive taste that is original to Spain. They were able to extract the pigmentation from the red grape which called "anthocyanin" that produces the neon blue colour. Many winemakers disapprove the product because of the appearance of it. However, the founders discuss that the neon blue colour provides the wine with an additional benefit to it while still having natural red wine flavour. 2016, the wine carried new heights when it went beyond Europe and landed into North America. Europe's wine admires North America wine drinkers, and this innovative formulation presented the younger generation and the non-wine drinkers a different view of wine.

One of the most significant issues for wine is that most European natural wine is harder to drink. However, this wine not break the status quo for wine but made it easier for non-wine drinkers to enjoy wine because of the blue colour sweetens the wine.  Most wine produced in Europe is harder to drink because of the grape that is extracted from the fruit into the wine. This company were capable of solving that problem by presenting the wine healthier and sweeter. This new invention has generated an additional market for wine especially in the European market which colourful wine with there owns distinctive taste. Spain has a law that forbids any wine to be marketed if it not red or white wine. The understanding behind this is that if it's not the authentic colour of the fruit, it is deemed to be unhealthy for people to consume. This has

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