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History Western Notes Review

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1) How did people interact with the world and how did they see their place in it: They did not like the order and some wanted to act above the king. They left one king to go to another similar king Felt like rightful owners of their own land. An Us vs Them and only things in proximity matter to them.

2) What were their wants, desires and values? How did they go about satisfying them A contrast between barbaric berserking and someone talking for them, so they have honour. They want money and do anything for loot. For trading they did not specifically value friendships but it was about the money. Harald wanted to hold onto power if he could and acted childish. It was normal to just marry their brother’s wife and adopted other people’s wives. They would do anything for a high standard including giving nice gifts to the king but not too nice or else they would get in trouble for showing him up. They always wanted more.

3) Dominant tensions and hazards: Families continued tensions even after death the

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