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Holocaust and Bosnian Genocide Comparisons

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The Holocaust and the Bosnian genocides are both similar in the way they horrified the world, in the reason why the persecuted group where killed, the way the persecuted group was killed, and the way the persecuted group lived during the genocide. According to the UHRC, the Serbs were Pro-Nazi (Bosnia Genocide). This could be why both events are so similar? One thing is for certain, those who survived both events will never forget them.

The genocide started with the Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic. In 1991, Creatia and Slovian declared their independence from Yugoslavia. The Yugoslavian army, made up of the Serbs, and controlled by Milosevic decided Croatia would be an easy target. Croatia is where the first mass exterminations would occur, killing hundreds of Croat men. In 1992, Bosnia declared its independence. Bosnia was a muslin country where Serbs made up the minority. Milosevic saw this as an opportunity to show the Muslims to respect the superior race of people, being the Serbs. The Serbs, who where Christen Orthodox, believed Muslims were an inferior race due to them being ex-slaves and because of this they believed

they had no right to rule (Michel).

During WWII, the Nazi killed the Jews for the same reasons. This reason was that the Nazis believed the Jews to be an "inferior race". The Jews came to Europe after WWI. They were of a different religion and the Germans needing someone to blame for their loss choose the Jews. Perhaps the biggest difference between Germany and the Serbs was that the Serbs did not kill the children. The Serbs believed that the children could be converted to their pure religion.

The second similarity is that similar methods of killing were used despite the Holocaust being occurring the 1940's and the Bosnian genocide

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