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How Did Christianity Spread?

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How Did Christianity Spread?

How did Christianity spread? This is an important question. I will talk about the history of Christianity and how it spread.But most importantly how did it all start? It started around 2000 years ago when Jesus was born.

Jesus was a Jew. He lived in around what is now present-day Israel.(At that time “Israel” was part of the Byzantine/Roman Empire). During this time the Romans ruled that area. The Jews did not like the Roman Emperor, and he did not like him. The beliefs didn’t go together well. The Romans believed in many Gods,they were polytheistic, but the Jews believed in one God, they were monotheistic.

When Jesus was about 30 he traveled village to village teaching in the synagogues and healing the sick or injured people. Jesus’s teachings inspired some Jewish people to follow him, they became his disciples. The Jewish leaders didn’t like this, they didn’t want the Jews to follow Jesus.

Jesus taught the people about sin. He taught that sins made them farther away from

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