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Is Beowulf a Hero

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Is Beowulf a Hero?

Most people think that to be a hero the one thing one needs is to be courageous, but that

is not completely true. To arise as a true hero is to be able to feel all emotions and have more than just bravery to. When being a hero, that person must have humility and have compassion for all people and to not just save people for the fame and glory. Although Beowulf is strong, Black Panther is more of a hero to the world because the difference between the two is that Black Panther has compassion and skill. Also, their origin is very different. These differences show why Black Panther is by far the greater heroic person.

All heroes are known for their strengths. Beowulf, a blonde haired, blue eyed, larger than others, Southern Swedish man; has the natural strength of 30 men (Beowulf 27). Black Panther, a six-foot, 185-pound, brown-eyed, black haired man from Wakanda Northern Africa, can lift about 750 pounds after he has been medically enhanced with a native herb (Rayan Coogler). Both Beowulf’s and Black Panther’s strengths make them both acceptable superheroes; but how they use their strengths expresses who and what they really are.

Black panther is an immensely compassionate person while Beowulf is more of someone who is being a hero for the fame and glory. Black panther cares for his people and the world he fortifies his home land from all nefarious and anything can put anyone in danger. Beowulf vanquishes treacherous creatures but he does not care about his people or his country. Beowulf has been fighting for the fame, glory and the rewards that he gets for doing these task. Black panther is motivated by his family and the people in his country while Beowulf is motivated by fame shown in Beowulf page 41 line 736 ”but I will

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