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League of Nations

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        The world after World War 1 was havoc wrecked over a small dispute between countries. Shortly after, an organization to solve the problem of peace among countries called “The League of Nations”. The League of Nations was created to settle disputes between nations and to prevent another World War. The League included the majority of the major power of Europe. This gave it the ability to alert them to the issues occurring worldwide, thus becoming the first organization to tell the world of the pressing problems that plagued it.

        The League of Nations did help preserve peace through tackling some of the social issues in the world at the time. The League of Nations needed to get the multiple nations to cooperate in order to take down these issues. The status of women, child slave labor, drug addiction, and drug smuggling were all pressing problems that were saved by the League of Nations.

        A major weakness of the League of Nations is that all the major countries were involved. Though the majority of the powerful nations were involved, a few key countries were not. Both Russia and Germany were excluded from the League, causing tension among the countries. It also limited the amount of influence the League had on Germany after the war to prevent another. Additionally, the United States, which was the most powerful and influential country at the time, declined to join the League. The absence of these countries in the League had a large effect on its peacekeeping and cooperative ability.

        Another major weakness of the League of Nations was that it lacked a military. The League would call upon countries in a dispute to sit down and settle it. If they refused to listen, economic sanctions could be placed, in order to make them comply. Lastly, if all else fails, military force would be used. The League of Nations had no way to enforce its word, as it did not have a military to do as it requested. The lack of a military let the countries do whatever they wanted, with only economic sanctions to fear.

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