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Letter to the Liberator Newspaper

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To whom it may concern,

        As I sit trying to gather the correct things to say in regards to the struggles of African American people, and the need for this horrible era known as slavery to come to a conclusion, I realize there is but one way to go about it. That way is to tell the ugly truth of it all, no sugar coating of the matter at hand.

        For years now African American people have bared the weight of a burden that has forever engraved awful memories of what their life has been. When most people recollect on what life has provided them they speak on the good, and how much they’ve enjoyed their lives. This is not the case with African American people. It is to blame on society and its creation of slavery for what African American have in relations to a life.

African Americans are not able to speak of how they have enjoyed their lives with their families, raising their children. Instead, many of them have long suffered having their children ripped away from them. Only to have to live each day raising the “White Mans” child. This is a mere slap in the face. How can society feel that it is ok to make American Americans feel less than however, they are good enough for white children to eat from the bosom of their women? These men and women have suffered so much that one almost loses track when trying to recount all that they have endured.

What is it that makes it ok to commit crimes against a people who bleed red blood just the same as the rest of us? Why is it ok to rape their women, take their children, beat them, and own them as if they are an animal? What is it that one gains from all of this? It is with the most concern that I ask these questions. Would it take the enslavement of the Whites and for them to receive the harsh treatments that they have now depicted as life to African Americans for all of this end? As I am sure that none of us are blind to what is going on around us in regards to slavery please take a moment and think of how being enslaved would affect you and change your life.

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