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My Report on Roger Arliner Young

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Roger Arliner Young was born in 1889 in Clifton Forge, Virginia. She studied at Howard University in 1916 and took her first science course in 1921. Roger's grades were very poor, so as a result, her science course teacher, Ernett Just, volunteered to tutor her. Roger then graduated with a bachelor's degree in 1923. Ernett continued helping her improve her skills. He also helped her find funding for graduate school.

Roger entered the University of Chicago in 1924. Her grades improved dramatically. She also began publishing her research. Roger's first article, "On the Excretory Apparatus in Paramecium," appeared in Science in 1924. She obtained a master's degree in 1926. In 1927 Roger's tutor, Ernett Just, invited her to come work with him at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. While working in the lab roger studied the fertilization process in marine organisms and the process of hydration and dehydration in living cells. But in 1936 she was fired because of missed classes and the mistreating of lab equipment.

Roger took her firing as an opportunity. She went to the

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