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Napoleon: Democratic Reformer or Autocratic Dictator?

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Napoleon is famous person that made an impact of the world and will be remembered throughout the ages. The thing is that people and historians look at napoleon two different ways, some as a democratic reformer and some as an autocratic dictator. In my opinion he is a autocratic dictator.i will show you in the following paragraphs with evidence that he is power hungry and wants people to listen and follow his ideas without questioning .

One reason i think he is a Autocratic Dictator is because in document(1) it shows him obsessed with power. I quote from the document “ i have tasted power and i cannot give it up. I love power.” From this you can tell that once he got a hold of power he will his best to not lose his power no matter what and he will always fight for power. Many people become obsessed or power hungry like and it seems like he is too. Only a dictator would become so drunk with power that he constantly finds way to not lose his power

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