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Roman System and Athens as Well as Sparta and Differemt Levels of Organization Between the Two Compare and Contrast

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Meadow Luna

Period: 2nd


Roman System

        The idea of citizenship: one of the gifts of Athens and Rome. Citizenship was born in 500 B.C. The individuals as subjects were allowed the right to have both responsibilities and rights. Rome had the better system for three reasons: citizenship for foreigners, adjustments by the censors, and limits on citizenship.

        One reason Roman’s system was better was because citizenship was granted to conquered foes. “Our founder Romulus, on the other hand, was so wise that he fought as enemies and then hailed as fellow citizens several nations on the very same day.”(Doc. C) This has been a regular practice since Roman founding’s. According to Emperor Claudius, not doing this was the reason for Athens fall. Citizenship changed an enemy to a friend.

        The second reason Roman’s system was the better of the two was because censors watched citizenship. “The censors’ ranking, based on wealth, heritage [family standing], administrative competence, marital status, and physical and moral fitness, determined the citizen’s political privileges, his level of taxation, and his military service. Anyone who didn’t meet the standards of the censors could be demoted in rank.” (Doc. D)This allowed mostly all women, men, and foreigners to gain citizenship if requirements were met.

        Finally, Rome’s system of government was obtained with order and stability of Senate, and wisdom. Unlike Athens which had limits on citizens who served in Senate, “they usually came from the oldest Roman families and inherited their seats.” (Doc. F) The Senate had primary responsibilities for foreign relations, such as selecting ambassadors, making treaties, and creating alliances. This also differs from Athens government by the number limited to 300 unlike Athens having a total of 40,000. Having fewer Senates in government ensured an orderly government that is very much obtained.

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