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Sailing with Christopher Columbus

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Sailing with Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was an extraordinary navigator. He was one of the first Europeans to discover America. A native of Genoa he explored the world and established many cultures that made up this new world. In his early life, Columbus received very little education that we know of, but the real education he received was at sea. By the age of ten he was exploring the waters and began learning the ways of the voyagers. Even though there is little knowledge about his education it was pretty clear that he was knowledgeable in some way. He learned many different languages including Spanish, Latin, and Portuguese. He was also a well known reader in the classical work of literature. His father Domenico was a prosperous weaver and wool merchant in Genoa. Genoa is a part of Italy now and in Columbus’s time was its own territory or state. Genoa was well known from being very

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