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Slavery Dbq

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Social Studies 11-6-14 Ryan Melucci

Slavery DBQ Period: 1

The institution of slavery was a horrible pandemic in the early part of American history. From earliest colonial times to 1865 millions of people were enslaved and were denied rights in many ways. Slave owners denied these rights in many reasons and essentially treated them like animals. Slaves were denied many of their basic human rights such as having no freedom and having their families families split up.

Slaves lived terrible lives because they were denied all basic human rights that American citizens had.Slaves were frequently whipped for many different reasons. Slaves were whipped so badly that it left deep painful scars that could even keep them from working (Doc 8). Slave Masters beat slaves because they were black and felt that they were property. Slaves were sold at auctions like other pieces of property such as corn. Slaves would jump overboard on a ship because they would rather be dead then have to work as a slave. Slaves hated their lives when they were slaves. Slaves had where uncomfortable gear. Slaves had to wear chains and iron things so that they cannot escape. Slaves were constantly beat for not doing what their masters tell them to do.

Why slaveholders denied the rights of slaves. Slave owners denied these rights for many reasons and essentially

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