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Society in Egils Saga

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Society in Egils Saga


In Egils saga feuds and disputes break out, continue, and are resolved in a few different ways, a few different times. Society as we know it today has a court system for all crime or “disputes” we need handled. Most states throughout the United States of America have their own court system even if it is in the slightest of difference. I’m choosing the state of new jersey because I believe it is a good example to as how the courts work today and how it is has a few similarities to the society’s is Egils Saga. Courts are the most recognizable parts of our legal system today. Most of the time 12 people of random selection are called upon for a jury making this the most recognizable as it involves the people of the state. Many legal issues are never brought to the courthouse, each year millions of new cases are filed in New Jersey's courts. In those cases, judges are called upon to decide disputes involving such diverse topics. Additionally, a sentence is usually involved in a guilty verdict.

        A few similarities to the new jersey courts and example of how disputes are handled in societies in Egils saga is many of the disputes and outbreaks throughout Egils saga are not brought to the court house. Several of the fights, duels and crimes are dealt with at hand rather than the wait of going to a court. For example, Bard was upset with Egil after he mocked him, he tried to poison him. After Bard failed at poisoning Egil, he was killed by you guessed it, Egil. Egil stabbed him with his sword but the act of killing Bard now puts Egil in a bad position with King Eirik. Continuing this dispute Egil kind of by will kind of by having to joins the army of King Ethelstan, and when he composes a drapa in praise of the king, he is rewarded with two gold rings, along with an expensive cloak that the king himself had worn. Although reward for murder is never right, this is an example of the courts having nothing to do with a crime but the people, in this case a king handling a murder/crime himself. Additionally, a lot like in New Jersey the courthouses and all of ours today, in this society a jury and witnesses are called to the stand (Seen in quote from Pg 143, Chapter 65). Although not always an un flawed as ours today, as they most of the time knew either the defendant of the persecutor, it is the same concept. A stand of people to decide a verdict based on the case, and people that witnessed the crime or accusation coming forward and telling their piece. These are two ways societies resolved or continued feuds or disputes.

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