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Socrates Ethics

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Socrates Ethics

Socrates lived from (469-399 BC) and was the son of Sophroniscus a stone mason and sculptor. Socrates wrote nothing; therefore, evidence for his life and activities must come from the writings of Plato. From reading the apology we learned that he was well known throughout the city of Athens and enjoyed sharing his knowledge. Socrates was famous for asking a question to your question and seeking out the truth. He deeply believed in the good life, and to care for your soul. In the following to come we will look at three different areas of Socrates studies on ethics, metaphysics, and his epistemology.

What is good, and what is evil? One must come to the recognition of the inner self and or soul to obtain the knowledge of what is good, and evil. Once you have obtained that one can look at what is good? Today we would think money, status, pleasure, and social acceptance. All evil things come in forms of poverty, death, pain, and social rejection. Well, Socrates things that is all wrong, and that view to be harmful. All humans strive for happiness and everything we do; we do to become happy. We label what we think will bring us happiness as good, and what will bring us pain and suffering bad. If we have a mistaken conception of what is good, we will spend our time chasing after things that will not bring us happiness even if we obtain them. Socrates believed if one devoted themselves to seeking knowledge and wisdom that you would know a more

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