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Story of Moth Reaction Paper

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Reflection Paper

        The story talks about the lesson about the two moths that died while roaming around the flame of the candle. It started when Jose Rizal’s mother, Teodora Alonzo, was teaching Jose Rizal to read in Spanish and the story was El amigo de los Ninos (The children’s friend). His mother got frustrated due to his reading skills were poor, Jose Rizal didn’t understand Spanish so he couldn’t read the selection with feelings. His mother lost her patience and gets the book from Rizal, her mother got angry for Rizal’s random drawing on the book. Rizal’s mother started to read the story with a nice expression, Rizal got bored and started not paying attention to his mother and he started staring at the candles flame where the two moths were roaming around it.  At the end of the story, the two moths got really attracted to the flame and started getting closer and closer until they have reached the flame and they both died.

        Jose Rizal is a good writer; he wrote a lot of book that has deeper meaning and a lesson during the Spanish era. After I have read the story, I pause and reflect on what have happened to the two moths. I realize that sometimes what attracts us the most can also hurt us the most. It also tell us that the eyes can be deceiving for the reason that what we see can always be true and what we didn’t see is always wrong. We should always know and feel if what we see will harm us or not because regret comes last. I noticed that we can learn a lesson by observing our surrounding and relating it to our everyday life just like Rizal staring at the two moths who are roaming around the candle. The story is great even if it’s just short it tackles about the moth and how it was deceived by the flame.

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