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Summary of Chapters 19-37 - Hagar's Daughter

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Summary of Chapters 19-37

In chapters 19-37 of Hagar's Daughter many significant events occured. This section of the book starts with General Benson taking Jewel as his promised wife. Hearing this news causes Cuthbert Sumner to give up his job in Washington so he can move back home and work in his father's business. Before he leaves Benson asks him to do some extra work while he is away in New York. Sumner agrees and agrees to work late with Miss Bradford.

While they were working Bradford revealed to Sumner the nature of her relationship with General Benson. The two have a son of four years and are planning to get married at Easter. This news comes at a shock to Sumner, especially since he knows that Jewel and Benson were to get married.

Sumner left the office earlier than Bradford and headed back to his quarters. The next morning he found out that she had been found dead earlier. Sumner was the top suspect and ended up in jail for this crime.

When Jewel heard about the arrest she went down to the jail to visit Sumner. At this time the feelings Jewel and Sumner had for each other came out once again. They decided to get married while he was still in the cell. After she left Jewel met with Investigator Henson to see if he could help clear Sumner of the charges.

Mr. Bowen returned from a trip to New York, where he had been accompanied by Madison and Benson, and soon fell ill. He died soon after. The Bowen family lawyer told Jewel and Mrs. Bowen that while he was in New York the senator had made a new will. In this will the family fortune had been more or less given

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