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The Epic of Gilgamesh

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This story talks about Gilgamesh who was created by Aruru, the goddess of creation. He was a strong one and caused fear whereever he was found. His acts caused people to pray to the gods for help. Aruru decided to create someone with the strength of Gilgamesh and she reacted Enkidu out of clay. he was said to have the virtue of a god, however, he lived like an animal as he didn't know the ways of humans, he was like the "tarzan" of Uruk.

A trapper met with Enkidu and was scared of him ass he was like an animal, he sought advice from his father on his situation and he was advised to go to Gilgamesh and ask him to give him one of his harlots to use to entice Enkidu. Gilgamesh agreed to this plot to get Enkidu and gave the trapper one of his harlots. she was told to entice Enkidu with her nakedness. their plan worked as when Enkidu saw her he was lustful and spent a week with her. By this time, he had grown weak and started to think like a man. The harlot then started to tell him about her city and the temples of Ishtar and Anu, she

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