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The Fall of Roman Empire

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Jiaxi Li

Mr. West

Ancient World History

February 4, 2018

The fall of Roman empire DBQ

        The cause of Roman empire to fall is because of the invasion of barbarians from other countries and place. Furthermore, the corruption of governments and nobles cause the unstable economy. Moreover, the religious conflict has created a fight over culture between religions and religions, and this is reason why Roman empire fall.

        One of the reason why Roman empires fall is because of its king. Roman started to decline after Commodus had become the king. The citizens evaluate him as a tyrant. Commodus will do things for his own goods and never think of others. Furthermore, he hated the senate to veto him. Therefore, he created a big conflict and killed many people. Including some people who shows loyalty to him. Moreover, he didn’t even care about ruling empires, but only doing things he like to do. For example, hunting and watching the fight of the gladiators. At last he dies from assassins. However, another person has become the king, and his name is Diocletian. He also brought Roman a lot of trouble.

        Another reason that caused Roman empire to fall is because the innovation of other countries. The map of Western Europe during the 4th and 5th centuries CE has shown that 8 ethnic group had innovated Rom during 4th and 5th centuries CE. Including Angles, Saxons, Franks, Goths, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Huns, and Vandals. The innovation of different countries caused Roman’s economy and government to go down. Therefore, innovation is also one of the reasons that caused Roman to fall. The purpose of the paragraph is to show the innovation of different countries and diverse groups of people cause Roman empire to fall.

        According to the letter St. Jerome wrote in 409 CE. Roman have been innovated by a lot of countries. Massive numbers of people had died during that time. Furthermore, Roman has lost a lot of its land because of the innovation from different countries. Which caused a lot of problem to Roman’s economy and government. Therefore, Innovation is again proved to be one of the reason that caused the fall of Roman empire.

        During Salvianus present years, he had witnessed the end of Roman rule in Gaul. It had caused by different religion, and some religion stated the conflict with other religion, which called the end of Roman ruling in Gaul. Furthermore, people had died from the conflict that caused by different religions. Therefore, Rome empire stared to fall and at last bring its self to the end. Salvianus had wrote this for the Christians.

        Ammianus Marcellinus’s observation he said this “ridiculous amusements of torpid indolence.” This quote shows the officials of Rome are corrupt because they use the empire’s money for amusements instead of rule and develop the country. Furthermore, a bad government system lead to all kind of disasters. For example, civil war, being invaded by other country. Moreover, Ammianus Marcellinus said “Libraries are shut up like tombs”. The Libraries are supposed to bring people knowledge, but now has been shut. This will bring a bigger problem for Roman’s future. Therefore, the corrupt of government is also one of the reasons that caused Roman empires to fall. The audients of this observation are for him self

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