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The Haitian Revolution

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The Haitian Revolution

The Haitian Revolution was a very important, historical, event that has been the stepping stones for more events in the future. It may seem like this affair is so minor and beside the point, but it really has, in my opinion, one of the biggest impacts on the world; I may be wrong, however it is my opinion. I don’t really understand everything about the revolution, and I never will, but it has to be taught so that the world has basic knowledge on what happened to start more and more revolutions ahead of them and more that are coming.

The Haitian Revolution was significant because it “freed the slaves in Haiti. This was the greatest significance of the Revolution for those who were involved in it.” and it “increased the fear of slave rebellions in the United States. It can be said to have helped cause slaveowners in the South to treat their slaves more harshly and to react with more anger towards abolitionists from the North. This helped push the North and South farther apart, eventually leading to the Civil War. Second, the revolution helped to cause Napoleon to want to get out of the Americas. This helped lead to his decision to sell the Louisiana Territory to the United States. In this way, the Haitian Revolution helped to enlarge the US.” (enotes). It is amazing to find out that this revolution helped not only our country but other countries around us rebel against “big brother”.

So what caused the Haitian Revolution? Well, it was just the fact that the Haitian people were sick of being treated with indecency. It just drove them crazy to the point to where they decided to fight back. This totally makes sense; I mean I would want to fight back if I was treated as they were treated back then. No one truly deserves to be treated with such incivility and crudity. It’s just wrong.

There are plenty effects that the Haitian Revolution has caused on its surroundings. According to Reference: “The Haitian Revolution established the country of Haiti, ended French designs on the New World and led to a racial panic in the United States. Haiti became the first successful slave uprising in the Americas.” This is so amazing to know that Haiti is the “og” of successful slave rebellions.

The outcome of the Haitian Revolution is that they have their independence from France. It really just awes me though; before the revolution, none of the slave owners believed it would happen even though they were told that it was happening. When they (slaveowners) were in battle, they even thought that they would have the “game in the bag”, boy were they wrong.

The comparison between the French Revolution and the Haitian Revolution is that they both: “completely threw out their former governments, [had] mass riots [and] revolts, [had] enlightenment ideals started both revolutions, [had] social reformers seeking to organize broader programs of liberation, wanted equality (political,legal) among the people [and] no elites, [had] similar forms of government, both similar to a republic govt (though not true republic in France, constitutional monarchy), [and] had influential people; Maximilien Robespierre (France) and Toussaint Louverture (Haïti) both inspired

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