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The Institutions of Eu

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The Eu Institutions

  1. The Eropenean Parliament

a)Mep's are selected from the membership of national parliament and delegeted by them to the Europenean Parliament

b)is directly elected

c)is made up of representatives of the governments of the Member States

d)No answer is correct

  1. Enters into force Treaty that merges the executives of the three Communities (ECSC,EEC,Euraton) From that time the Europenean Communities have a single Commission and a single Council





3.Parliaments term of the office shall be

a)five years

b)six years

c)two and a half years

d)four years

  1. The Europenean Council shall act:

a)By simple majority for procedural questions

b)by simple majority for procedural questions by an absolute majority for the adoption of the rules

c)by simple majority for procedural questions and to its rules of procedure

d)no answer is correct

  1. …........form political groups

a)The Heads of the State or Government

b)the MEP's

c)The representatives of the governments of the Member States

d)No answer is correct

6......................shall execute the budget and manage programmes

a)The Europenean Council

b)the Council of the EU
c)the ECB

d)The Europenean Commission

  1. The Europenean Commission is composed of sectoral and functional (horizontal)departments called........................................ Кто знает?)

8.The number of Commissioners:

a)It depends on the member of members

b)depends of the number of members not being better modified either by the Council or by the commission itself

c)It depends on the number of member countries although the Treaty authorities the Council to change the amount

d)it depends on the number of member countries althouh the Treaty gives the Commission to modify the amount

9.The Council shall act by …......except where the Treaties provide otherwise

a)a qualified majority


c)simple majorite


10.The President of the Europenean Commission:

a)Structure and devides responsobilities among the member of the Commission

b)appoint Vice-President  other than the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy,from among the members of the Commission

c)ensure that the Commission acts consistently

d)All previous answers are correct

11.From 2014, under the Treaty of Lisbon the Commission shall consist of:

a)By a national of each Member States

b)For one or two from each Member State ,depending on its size and population

c)For a number of member correspoding to three quarters of the Member States

d)For a number of members corresponding to two thirds of the number of Member States

12.The Council of the EU

a)it is supernational institutions representing the member states governments

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