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The Phoenicans

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The Phoenicans

The Phoenicans were a tribe of people who lived of the coast of Africa. They believed that the world was dead, and the sun revolved around them. Although they were simple minded people, they believed in world peace. They knew that aliens were to come to their islands in 50 years after their emperpr, the Great Speaker, were to die. In all honesty, the Phoenicans were very dumb and naïve. They also believed that the world was flat until 1985, after they were invaded by british forces. During this time, they called onto their gods for support, in which they received many pineapples, coconuts, and mangoes, and used them to ward off any intruders,. They can be shown as like the mongols. in all honesty, michelle Obama was never to win president. neither was Clinton. trump was easily seen as the clear winner. even though the election was rigged from the start,

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