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Transnational and International Corporations

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Jane Doe

Social Studies 10-1

Mr. Smith

Block 3

December 18, 2017

Are multinational corporations and international economic organizations something to be embraced? These corporations contribute to better living conditions in third world countries (not stellar, but better off than they would be if these corporations did not exist) through providing jobs. They keep the world economically globalized by helping out developing countries and bring wealth into the less developed countries. It appears that transnational corporations and international economic organizations are necessary for international growth and development. While this is true, they also cause many problems and negative impacts in our world today, such as the abuse of influence over a country's government to gain subsidies, grants, or exemptions from taxes or environmental laws, significantly low wages in sweatshops, and very low enforcement of working condition laws.

Transnational corporations and international economic organizations are necessary for international growth and development. Even though they are not completely positive, their benefits outweigh their challenges. We should embrace them to an 80% extent. Without these corporations, the world wouldn't be as globalized. If we embrace them they will continue to have positive influences on the world. Their benefits clearly outweigh their negative influences, and there is substantial evidence that more positive effects than negative are being found in the world because of the work being done by these corporations. Transnational corporations create jobs for many that would otherwise not have one. They keep countries connected, and increase growth and reduce poverty within less developed countries. Transnational corporations and international economic organizations need to be embraced for their role in globalization.

Transnational corporations and international economic organizations account for much of the world economy’s strength. They provide millions of jobs to people all around the world and in less developed countries. Society benefits substantially, as it functions best when jobs are being created and positions filled. Individuals benefit in the fact that they are making money (again, not much, but it can still account for something) and can afford more food than before getting a job. This helps society thrive, and increases a country’s GDP. The government benefits from taxes being paid by the people, which in turn, improves the quality of life for the country’s citizens. If transnational corporations did not provide jobs in these countries, the economies of those countries would be significantly lower, have much higher rates of homelessness, and in turn, a much lower quality of life. Walmart, for example, is all over the world; almost every city in Canada has one. Walmart supplies workers with jobs, and in less developed countries, provide jobs through sweatshops and other methods of outsourcing. Workers who sew the clothes and produce goods benefit from having a job; if Walmart was not around, many would have no job at all. Transnational corporations are one of the reasons why our economy is strong and why many living in poor conditions

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