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United States and Russian Foreign Policy

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Brad Jeffers

Mr. Wright



United States and Russian Foreign Policy

        For around 200 years Russia and the United States have been in conflict. Not all the conflict had been bad such as the sale of Alaska from Russia to the United States, but the Cold War is one of the most well-known issues between the two strong countries. Russia was still known as the Soviet Union at the time and when the Cold War ended that is when they became known as Russia. The relationship between the two superpowers took a turn for the worst after the election of Vladimir Putin as the Russian president. He made promises to the people’s interest and expressing his want to do anything to restore the damaged pride of the once great nation. It is also believed that he keeps becoming re-elected because he is in complete control of what the citizens hear about within the media. There is a lot more that the United States could do to help ease the tensions with Russia. After 9/11 both countries began to work together to help fight against terrorism, but they both had conflicting interest with many other issues. Russia has made recent US news with the 2016 presidential election. It is believed that the Russian government hacked into the election to ensure that Donald Trump was elected as president.  

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