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What Is History and Its Types

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What Is History?

History for many is simply what exactly happened in history. In reality, history is hardly so unproblematic and clear. It is more often hard to piece together different people’s version of the truth, put them together and generate a “main” truth on which all agree upon. This is seen in the scene of Nikita Khrushchev and his shoe. Many believed he banged his shoe and many say he merely waved it. How can one be sure when so many witnesses contrast each other. Though, there can always be truth lying somewhere in the cluster.

Remembered history is the personal recollection of an individual who has witness the event of matter. It’s the recollection of an elderly. Through these elderly people may their community learn of the events and agree upon it. This remembered history or oral history is passed down to generations that have not witnessed the events first hand but allow that it must have happened. They pass it down a couple more generations. The problem resides in the ways the history is told. Altering of the events may lead to a whole different view which makes it hard to know the reality. Remembered history may not be the most trustable for historians. Many like Bismarck believe that “history is usually written by the victors” and many believe that history is altered to show the good side one and incident. Some believe Hitler was good and some as a devil. There are always more than one side to an event. The reader can develop an opinion they like and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some may believe the twentieth century was a time of great greed and anger moreover some may believe it was a time of technological advancements. That is a person’s decision to make and argue against.

Recovered history may seem, to many, as the next and more trustable means of historical information. Recovered history is basically all the information that was known but lost. Later it is recovered through investigation. These types of investigations may include expeditions for archeological sites, hidden manuscripts, etc. These are deciphered and interpreted. From this, it is found out what happened during the time of these events. People believe this type of history possesses

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