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What Should America's Role Be in the World?

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Lakesha Johnson

HIST 1301

Spring, 2019

What should America's role be in the world

The world has changed since 1793 the Proclamation of Neutrality started in the  United States put in place by George Washington and wouldn’t get into proceedings acts of other nations. By staying neutral and not creating allies, avoids making any enemies. Nevertheless, a valuable point made by President Woodrow Wilson that the United States is now a stronger country and no longer remaining a neutral nation. We ought to be capable of making the earth safe for democracy, Beyond the eras and centuries of the expansion of our society we have turn out to be a global superpower, and an exceptionalist nation. America is a distinctive and unique to other countries in the world; we are unlike any other nation, our nation has been capable of getting away from the trappings of the past to make a better nation. Thanks to past presidents like Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, and many more, the US has taken many risks assisting other countries contesting from the same rights we struggle against with economic aid.

        I think America's role in the vast world should remain to help other nations, with restrictions. Putting all we have into other countries, would leave us with nothing that would be fair to our country to be working just to help others but not able to help ourselves. Assisting other countries is an example of I stretch your back you stretch mine, building our nation to be even stronger. I feel like when it comes to helping other countries some of the restrictions should be national security and promoting democracy.

        “Wilson and William Jennings Bryan,….believed that America had a duty to promote democracy and Christianity around the world. “Every nation of the world,” Wilson declared, “needs to be drawn into the tutelage [guidance] of America.” (Shi, 988) Promoting democracy in other countries shouldn’t be characterized by a policy of imperialism. One of U.S. problems is removing abusive authoritarian from power using military force. Using military force is a tough choice to make in some circumstances, however, if military action will prove to be helpful for the nation and the culture, I think the determination should be made to do so. In every circumstance and decision to be made, there will be pros and cons. I suppose that the force of the military is only to be used in a particular situation far as a country request aid and the citizens of the country is being abused. This could have an adversative influence on other countries and ours also. Discretion is a problem; it isn’t our position to make them decide what to do or not. To prevent ethnic tensions or reaction of imperialistic, specifications should be placed, and to use military force, all specification has to be met. I don’t feel that it would be fair for us to take over and control everything because some countries are perceived to be weak, we should show them the way and then get out of the way.

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