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World War 1 Continuity and Change

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Wars in the past have immensely changed the current status of many states. World War I has affected a lot of Europe as well a many regions of Asia. The Middle East and South Asia were just two of many changed regions. In the years during and after World War I, the Middle East and South Asia has experienced many similarities and many differences which helped establish the basis of these two areas now.

In the Middle East, many things happened during and after the first World War that did not take place in South Asia. The Ottoman Empire in the Middle East fell as the war went. The assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand also took place during this time period. Assembly of war strategies ended and that attributed to the Ottoman Empire collapse in 1918. All of these events are apart of the Middle East we see today.

World War I’s impact on South Asia varied from that in the Middle East. India gained their Independence from Britain after the war and Indians were slowly excluded from civil service because of its results. Mohamed Gandhi, an Indian nationalist, began advocating non-violence

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