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A Change in Time

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When I was a child the world was different. I remember my grandmother telling me the same back in 2017. It is now 2092; the world has come to a disaster. I live with my grandchildren and daughter. Over these 75 years technology advanced to the point of humans getting fed through a hologram, everyone lost their jobs because human robots took our place, houses were built themselves also worked themselves with a voice command, nature has perished. Society had differentiated to a repulsive life of technology being our world. The world is forced to hold hands and peruse our lives in an image the government created, we are always on watch. There are cameras in everyone's house. Everything that humanity could possibly be dependent on was made into technology and everything else was deceased. Then one day, as I opened my eyes from a deep sleep, so was technology.

December first 2092 is a day I will never forget. That morning I had woken up everything changed. I am now very old, a serum was made for the elder that makes their disabilities go away. Because of this serum the world has overpopulated because so many people bought it to stay alive. Every day I have to take it as I wake up, it is always automatically right next to me on my night stand. As I looked to my right the table laid empty and lonely. Once I realized what was happening, I sat there for a moment looking around in the dark shaded room because of the lights not being able to turn on. It was 6:00 am; I had gotten up and tried to open the door. It came to my realization that the only way things work in this house is if I tell them too, therefore the door is locked shut considering the technologically advanced world is no longer working. Oh no, I thought this can’t be happening. Without the holograms of food that we would eat each and every day, how will we live? I sat there puzzled in my dark shaded room thinking what had had happened and how the sun was going to rise the next day with no serum, no food, knowing my family being in their rooms thinking the same thing, and not being able to escape. Growing up into this world at this time period was so life changing. All reliance's pointed to technology. This was never meant to happen, this should have never happened. The world wasn’t supposed to change like this, nature was so beautiful. Even thou the food we use to eat was a mess, and the hologram food still fills us up I miss making our own food. Technology failing one day was a very predictable thing I was afraid would happen.

I have to do something, I have to get to my family. I started yelling, yelling for my family but there was no answer. All of a sudden a red light started to slowly flash from behind me on and off lighting up the hole room. I turned around and there was a word coming through the wall that reminded me of a red lit up exit sign. I came close to look at the word. On and off on and off it read "pull projection" over and over again. It took me a minute to think about what that meant. Standing there thinking for a few minutes. Then I realized it meant to pull the projection sign down. I walked over to it and as soon as it was pulled tape popped out. I curiously put it into projector without hesitation. As soon as it was in a simple looking man popped up on the projector, he is in a long white lab coat and he carried sophistication. It was a tape of a man and he started talking. "Hello, I know you are very confused. Welcome to the Darah projects, what we are is a group that worked with the government for the past 75 years. We are the people that changed the world since 2017. This video was taken 75 years ago, we planned for this day December 1, 2092 for all of technology to stop and for this video to come on. What we are is a group that tests how educated humans have come to be for the past seven and a half decades. The technologically advanced world was a way of training to get humanity to the way it is now. The final stage of the test was destroying all of technology once it became the earth’s biggest dependency to see how humans will figure out a new way of survival. I understand your confusion and frustration but, the Darah project is ran worldwide for a reason, this reason is to really see the limits of human abilities. In exactly 90 days everything will go back to normal, this is a temporary test. The door will now unlock, you will always be watched. Best of luck to all of you.-Darah" When the tape shut off the doors automatically opened. I was in shock as I looked outside the door not knowing what to do. I slowly got up and walked out the door, there I saw my family and we ran up to each other and squeezed as hard as we could. We went outside to see the other neighbors. We had all decided that we were going to travel as a group and stick together.

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