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A Man for All Seasons Synopsis

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In the opening of “A man for all seasons” Thomas More and Richard Rich are having a discussion. Thomas insists that becoming a teacher would be better than striving to be rich but Rich does not listen. Rich is given a Cup from Thomas whom received it as a bribe and could not keep it for those reasons. More visits the Cardinal and archbishop and is shown a letter to be sent to the pope in Rome. It is requesting the divorce of the Kings marriage to Catherine. More then meets with Chapuys who is the Spanish ambassador; he talks with More and explains that Catherine Still wants to stay married and that a divorce would be an insult to Spain. More never states his opinion but Chapuy is left feeling that More is in agreement with Catherine. When Thomas arrives home, he finds his daughter and Ropel (her boyfriend) still awake. Ropel asks for Margerets hand in marriage but Thomas refuses. Cardinal Worsley dies leaving Thomas More to become the new Archbishop of Canterbury. Thomas Cromwell (a lawyer) and Richard Rich talk at a pub and discuss matters. Rich wants to do whatever it takes to move up in the world and Cromwell talks of how he does whatever the King wants him to. They then spot More’s servant and ask him for secrets, none of which he really has. The King visits More’s home to discuss what he thinks about the divorce. The King threatens More by informing him that anyone against the King is guilty of high treason. The King wants More’s approval because More’s opinion is respected in England. More is not to write anything against the King. After the King leaves his family are curious as to Thomas’s hesitance, they try to convince him to just agree with the King and let it be. But More says he must follow his conscience. Several years pass and An act of parliament has created

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