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A Memorable Experience in My Life

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Luyao Hang

English 207

September 26,2016

A Memorable Event in My Life

        A memorable event that happened to me was the high school graduation ceremony. It was definitely a memorable experience that I would never forget. I remembered clearly that it was the 3rd of June. In the morning, all graduated students wore baccalaureate gowns and trencher caps to prepare for the ceremony. The school invited parents to take part in the ceremony as well. All students were cheerful that day expect me. I was depressed at that time because my father flew to German on business. It was a pity that he was absent for my graduation ceremony. And I felt like the ceremony became so meaningless for me. At 9:00 in the morning, the ceremony was about to start. When I turned around, I found surprisedly that both of my parents came to school! And my father was so handsome while wearing the suit. I was so excited to see them and couldn't believe my eyes. After my parents went to their seats, the ceremony began with music. Then the president gave a presentation to all of us. After that, all students came to the stage one by one to receive the diplomas from the president. I was so happy when the president gave me the diploma. And also the president encouraged me to study hard in the future. My parents applauded loudly for me under the stage at that time. I know they were proud of me. After the graduation ceremony, my parents took photos with me and my teachers. Then we went home together. I believe it is a memorable moment and event in my life.

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