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A Wonderful World

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A Wonderful World

As we have witnessed throughout many generations, war has been a constant part in our human history. It was something that inevitable. As a consequence, not only political, economic was influenced but it also has vastly affected the lives of the people around this world. These effect, however, are extremely detrimental. Throughout a song that was originally composed in the early 1970s, we would be offered a brief view on the circumstances that the soldiers endured each day and every day as they were beautifully written on each stanza. This song was derived from an astonishing movie called “Good Morning Vietnam” in which the daily life of both normal citizen and soldiers during the war was fully portrayed.

After a governmental dispute, a change in ideas, or simple hatred toward the nation, a war was engaged. It started off by sending innocent lives out to war, most of them not knowing the fact that they were going to sacrifice themselves for the cause of government. Hundreds or maybe even thousands of good, innocent people would die each day due to the war. Correspondingly, risking innocent lives was just unacceptable and would be never accepted by the society.

Gunfights, family dispute and protesting every day would cause serious mental effects on small children. They were growing up with these images as part of their lives. They had no choices other than getting used to the violence. Furthermore, losing parents in the war would trigger an enormous problem later on in their lives, provoking them to have negative thoughts which often lead to severe outcomes.

It was important to note that the author used remarkable phrases to depict the sceneries of peaceful days as opposed to wartime. As the song continued to be written, the author portrayed red roses and green trees to exhibit the rareness that would occur during the battle. Red roses and green trees represented an unmistakable expression of love, balance, growth, and harmony. In contrast to that, war was just a mixture of unhappiness, tragedy, and dread. Based on the original version, the author delineated the sky as blue filled with the whiteness of the clouds in which brought up the fulfillment of hope and tranquility.

Bullet whizzing, bombing flying on top their head slowly became the usual things that the soldiers encountered. Soldiers, however, are not the only ones affected by wars. Family members also experienced mental hardship when their loved ones are sent to war. Soldiers must carry extreme stress on the battlefield, not only just mentally but also physically. Those that could not overcome these

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