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A Worn Path

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Title: “A Worn path”

“A worn path” by Eudora Welty written in 1940 displays a women going the extra mile for her grandson to get him medication he needs while going through many obstacles on the way. She is traveling from country to town and is conflicted with racism on the way to town to complete her mission came across a few people but didn’t stop her from doing what she needed and wanted to do for her grandson. Actions like this show love for family and shows everything is possible if you’re determined.

The theme Phoenix showed us was determination she went above and beyond in a period where her actions are considered brave. In a time, segregation was bad and racism was still going on.  Phoenix came across big and small conflicts during her little journey to town. On the beginning of it she got her dress stuck into thorns and didn’t want to rip her dress. She knew what she had to go through but still overcame some conflict on the way. Also walked through rough terrain She walked through woods with her cane. “The path ran up a hill. Seems like there is chains about my feet, time I get this far” (Welty, 388). This quote express her determination and the toughness her journey is especially for a lady of her age going up and down hills through woods. Her walk started from the country and is continuing to the town.

Furthermore, Phoenix determination during this journey was a lot to go through. She spoke about people she encountered on the way and then began to say how she came across a guy who he pointed a gun at her and she was never scared or flinched to it. “No sir, I seen plenty go off closer by in my day.” (Welty, 391). Because she was determined to continue this mission to go above and beyond for her grandson who needed the medication. After she came across that man she finally saw her destination.

  After all, during her time I believe Phoenix Jackson was a slave due to the fact of the title “The Worn Path”.  The title I believe expresses the path she took is a old path she already knew during her time as a slave and her not being scared of her encountering a man that pointed a gun at her. She was probably so mis treated as a slave that she’s gone through worse and isn’t really scared of anything because she’s gone through so much. I feel her determination from back then is what got her out of slavery and it’s a trait that stayed with her and helped her go through this journey alone to get her medicine for her grandson.

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